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As buyer:


The inscription will be done through this platform that allows the technical organization of supply and demand through a registration, selection and scheduling process of business meetings made by the entrepreneurs themselves, thus ensuring that participants register the profile of The products of interest.

The procedure to register as a potential buyer is as follows: 


1. Fill in the form available in the application, once registered, you will receive the inscription confirmation via email. The detailed profile information, as well as the description of your interests, will allow you to schedule appointments effectively.


2. The potential buyer who  linked himself to the business roundtable through the application will be waiting for the acknowledgement of their participation by the organizers.


  3. The general information of the buyer and products of interest will be available in a search engine so that the exhibitor selects according to the interest the company with which he wishes to make the business contact.


4. The system will allow you to block schedules in which you consider you don’t want to schedule appointments.


5. The buyer will have permanent access to the application, which will allow him to consult his agenda to schedule, accept or reject any appointments.


6. Meet the scheduled meetings.